Wednesday, January 30, 2013

National Clean Off Your Desk Day

How about that???

A National Clean Off Your Desk Day, January 11, 2013.  Well, we missed it, but its never too late!!

Take a look at this:

Did you know your desk can hold up to 20,000 germs per square inch..............................Ugh!

Let's wipe them down if not weekly, at least every other week.  Don't forget to wipe down your staplers, tape dispensers, stapler remover, etc. 

Keep some Clorox wipes at your desk, Family Dollar sells the small container with 35 wipes for $2.75.

Stay healthy. 


That is the title of my book. 

It's an inspirational story of how I've made it through the worst of times. 

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NoroVirus In Jacksonville, FL

Wipe down, Wipe down and Wipe down again. 

Use Clorox Wipes and wipe down all your light switches, telephone handles, computer keys, the mouse, microwave handles, door knobs, all the things that are touched day to day. 

Most of the time a virus is spread by touching contaminated surfaces and then putting your hands in or to  your mouth.  Wash your hands with soap and water as often as you can (hand santizer is only a temporary fix).

Be safe, be careful and beware.